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DELIish started with a passion for seeking out, preparing, and eating local and organic foods.  From that passion an idea struck from two chefs to seek out those local and organic products and create products for people who appreciate and want to enjoy top quality, healthy, fresh food with friends and family.

Bryan Pape was born in San Antonio and attended Alamo Heights and held his first job at EZ’s. He moved to Austin at age 19 to pursue life goals. He continued into the culinary world where he worked his way up from bus boy to chef. Bryan has a passion for organic and local food and when his daughter Addyson was born he was determined to make her the freshest food he could cook. After moving back to San Antonio, DELI ish sparked in his head and he knew that partnering with long time friend and chef James Moore would be his best bet. He is excited to launch more products as the brand grows.

James Moore also attended Alamo Heights and EZ’s was also his first job. He continued on to Pour la France and then decided to take his show on the road. He attended CCA in San Francisco and worked his way up and down the California coast working at and opening up some of the best restaurants out there. He then moved to Austin where he was head chef at FINO. After a few years in Austin he moved back to San Antonio seeing the great potential in the culinary arts world, it also put him closer to family. He opened Max’s Wine Dive, the Boiler House and now ownes his own bar on St.Mary’s Street called TBA and a new restaurant on Grayson Street called Grayze.

DELIish is dedicated to delivering fresh and organic products to the people that crave and appreciate great food. All of our ingredients are sourced from local farms and organic suppliers. As we know that we can not have 100% organic or 100% local, we do our best to make sure we are acquiring the best ingredients for our products.

• Increasing local production by supporting local farms
• Ween people away from large operation companies that waste more products than they sell
• Focusing on true fresh nutrition for you and your family